this week // 08.22.14

Friday! Who’s excited?
This week was a short one for me since I didn’t return home until Tuesday evening. I’m kinda glad because I need the weekend to recover, unpack, and clean up. I’ve managed to make quite the mess in a few days. The past two days around 5:30pm, basically my commute home, I’ve been SO sleepy. (Thank you jet lag.) I plan to make dinner every night, but that idea gets knocked out on my drive home because I can barely keep my eyes open. So it’s been a lovely few days of boxes:

zoes kitchen

whole foods food bar whole foods food barYummy boxes though. I can’t ever resist the lemony roasted carrots from Whole Foods hot bar. They’re so delicious.

I went grocery shopping on Tuesday evening after I got picked up from the airport to get some necessities for the week. During my little grocery haul I bought a zillion frozen burritos for breakfast.

frozen burritos

Do you know that 98.9% of frozen burritos contain some form of dairy in them? Since I’m trying to avoid dairy this month, but have not in the past, I didn’t realize that every single burrito either has cheese or eggs in them. Luckily evol and Amy’s do some egg and cheese free burritos. Btw’s, those Amy’s tofu scramble pockets (pictured above) are fantastical. I used to eat them all the time. Then they disappeared from the frozen foods section for a while, so I’m very happy to see them back again.

I’ve also been eating oatmeal for breakfast. It’s basically all I ate last week and early this week.

mango and banana oats

Really basic, just sprouted oats + fruit. I miss mangos from Asia. Mangos here just never compare.

Lunches are still pretty standard. But, imagine eating this (below) to the smell of Chic-fil-a wafting across the room all up in your personal space…


Yeah, it totally blows. But I’m sure my body appreciated the greens versus the chicken minis. My tastebuds and senses did not though. They were salivating.

Yesterday I had turkey + mustard + greens + avocado wrapped in Lavash, but I didn’t feel too well at the time I was eating it so I didn’t get a photo. I’m sure there will be one eventually since I still have quite a few lavash wraps left.

As for workouts there really haven’t been any since last last Mondays stretch session. I did about 30 mins of yoga today, but it was a total mistake and my body was so not ready. So I’ll continue to rest and see if I can start back up next week.

Hope you all have a lovely and sunny weekend! It’s gonna be hotttt here.
Hello 100+. I’m sweating just thinking about it.


hkg to dfw.

Hi guys!
I feel like its been a while since I’ve been on here. My postings been a bit spotty which is pretty much how I’ve been feeling the past week.

I think I had too strong of a start when I landed in HK last week and after two full days, my body kinda just crashed. It may have been coupled with my eustachian tube dysfunction, the many trips I took to see my acupuncturist, along with the western meds I was on, but I literally had zero energy to do anything. I ended up having to extend my stay by two days because I still wasn’t well enough to leave by Sunday, my scheduled departure day.

I spent most of the latter part of last week indoors, but it was pretty rainy always. But it was pretty nice of HK to clear up the few days before I left so that I could enjoy some stunning sunsets.

hk sunset

I had actually thought I was doing better on Friday so I went to a ring making class with my sister and cousin.

The class was at PMQ, an old police quarters turned design/creative shopping center. Basically each of the rooms/quarters is now an individual shop. The shops range from antiques to furniture to handmade jewelry and various other design shops.



pmq pmq

I didn’t really get the chance to look around too much, but I could tell it’s a really fun place to browse and discover new things. There is also a garden on the fourth floor linking the two buildings together that is probably a fantastic place to chill out. In the winter. Not the summertime, unless you want to sweat your face off.


We did our ring making course at a jewelry shop named Obellery. The owners were super kind and took us through the long (and quite tedious) process. Starting from the very beginning by cutting silver.

obellery ring making

obellery ring making

obellery ring making

obellery ring making

obellery ring making

It took a while, including one of us (ahem, the sister) getting her hair wound up and twisted in the machinery. It looked like a free perm. Until a small wad of her hair fell off..

I didn’t take a picture of all the steps, but here is the final product. One matte and one shiny. (We all chose the same design)

obellery ring making

The most time consuming part was filing and shaping the surface to get that geometric look.

After our ring making we headed a few streets over to Motorino’s for a few slices of pizza.

motorino pizzeria

motorino pizzeria

They were delicious. Especially that slightly chewy crust. We were going to Little Bao for some ice cream baos after dinner, but then I didn’t feel so well so we headed back instead.

After that I didn’t really do anything other than rest until Monday when I went to the doctor to get some blood work done.

Since I didn’t get to visit Muji during my stay, I made sure to stop by Muji to Go at the airport on Tuesday before going thru security.


Its my favorite shop for stationary and pen. They now have erasable gel pens and I’m in loovvve.

I had breakfast at the airport before boarding my flight to Tokyo where I had a 2 hr layover. I’m off nut butters, dairy, and eggs for a month, but I’ll save that chat for another day so it was toast and jelly + one spoon of oatmeal (i realized it was cooked in a massive amount of milk).

cathay lounge

Then lunch in Tokyo – veg, maison eric kayser baguettes (love that place!), and beef curry over rice.

jal loungetokyo narita

And now I’m home!

this week // 08.15.14

Happy Friday!
It’s a nice and cozy morning here as I’m blogging from bed with a steamy bowl of sprouted oats (in the ac). It’s turned out to be quite the interesting week since I’ve arrived here in HK.

sprouted oats with banana slices

I’ve basically been to the doctor or acupuncturist everyday this week. Or at least it seems like it. Acupuncturist visits aren’t exactly abnormal for me since I’ve been having circulation issues for eons (I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about it before), but I’ve also visited two other doctors in addition to taking two hearing loss exams regarding some ear pressure I’ve had all week. At first I was diagnosed with an ear infection, but it turns out I don’t have an ear infection and instead, I still have pressure in my ear from the flight I was on over the weekend. Which explains why I feel like my head is underwater and my ear feels clogged 24/7. I’ve been on meds all week and that coupled with some jet lag just makes everything seem twice as hard to do. I’m more of a purist when it comes to taking medication because medicine always seems to make me sicker that I actually am, but in this case I don’t really have a choice if I want to get better ASAP.

I’ve still tried to do as much as possible despite not feeling the best and it being incredibly rainy here the past few days.


boba tea

taiwanese restaurant - beef and rice

cups for cupping therapy

dim sum

view from aqua

wakame salad

linguine with duck ragout

cheese plate

Basically I’ve been eating a lot. But, whats new?
I’ve been enjoying the most fragrant mangos, meals with the fam and friends, cupping sessions, and fantastic views despite the rain. Ok, so maybe the cupping sessions aren’t exactly enjoyed during, but afterwards it feels great.

The sun has been peeking out this morning and it’s shaping up to be an absolutely gooorgeous day out. Especially once I pretend it’s not 100% humidy out.


hk hk

I have plans to lunch with the fam before visiting my acupuncturist this afternoon and then a silver ring making class later in the day with the cousin and sister at PMQ.
Have a lovely day!