this week // 08.15.14

Happy Friday!
It’s a nice and cozy morning here as I’m blogging from bed with a steamy bowl of sprouted oats (in the ac). It’s turned out to be quite the interesting week since I’ve arrived here in HK.

sprouted oats with banana slices

I’ve basically been to the doctor or acupuncturist everyday this week. Or at least it seems like it. Acupuncturist visits aren’t exactly abnormal for me since I’ve been having circulation issues for eons (I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about it before), but I’ve also visited two other doctors in addition to taking two hearing loss exams regarding some ear pressure I’ve had all week. At first I was diagnosed with an ear infection, but it turns out I don’t have an ear infection and instead, I still have pressure in my ear from the flight I was on over the weekend. Which explains why I feel like my head is underwater and my ear feels clogged 24/7. I’ve been on meds all week and that coupled with some jet lag just makes everything seem twice as hard to do. I’m more of a purist when it comes to taking medication because medicine always seems to make me sicker that I actually am, but in this case I don’t really have a choice if I want to get better ASAP.

I’ve still tried to do as much as possible despite not feeling the best and it being incredibly rainy here the past few days.


boba tea

taiwanese restaurant - beef and rice

cups for cupping therapy

dim sum

view from aqua

wakame salad

linguine with duck ragout

cheese plate

Basically I’ve been eating a lot. But, whats new?
I’ve been enjoying the most fragrant mangos, meals with the fam and friends, cupping sessions, and fantastic views despite the rain. Ok, so maybe the cupping sessions aren’t exactly enjoyed during, but afterwards it feels great.

The sun has been peeking out this morning and it’s shaping up to be an absolutely gooorgeous day out. Especially once I pretend it’s not 100% humidy out.


hk hk

I have plans to lunch with the fam before visiting my acupuncturist this afternoon and then a silver ring making class later in the day with the cousin and sister at PMQ.
Have a lovely day!

dfw to hk.

Hey y’all!
Did you have a good weekend? It took me a minute this morning to realize it was Monday since I pretty much missed the majority of Saturday/Sunday on my flight over to Hong Kong.

hkI was absolutely dreading my flight because I hate turbulence, but it thankfully turned out to be a pretty smooth ride over all. I didn’t used to hate turbulence this much, and you would think that it gets easier each time I fly, but it’s pretty much heading in the opposite direction. It just feels like plane rides have grown exceedingly bumpy over the past few years. (My theory is global warming.)

The 16 hr flight passed by in no time thanks to the four movies I ended up watching – Divergent, Heaven is For Real, Funny Face, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Then I pretty much just passed out until about an hr before landing.


They were all great movies, but I was particularly keen on The Grand Budapest Hotel, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise since I love Wes Anderson films. If you haven’t seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, you should check that one out for sure.

This also happens to be only the 2nd time (that I can recall) where I’ve arrived in Hong Kong when there is still daylight outside. I’m loving this new direct flight from DFW to HK by American Airlines. Usually by the time I get in, after transferring in Tokyo, it’s pitch black and nearly 11pm in HK. Tokyo also has horrible turbulence and I get to avoid going anywhere near Japan on this new route. We flew up towards Canada, then Alaska and Russia, and then down thru China.



Its quite a sight to see the concrete jungle that is HK from up above, surrounded by lush green mountains and calm ocean waters. When you’re amongst the skyscrapers and high-rises everyday, it’s easy to forget that HK is an island that is surrounded by nature and other beautiful islands.

I haven’t done too much since I’ve arrived, well I haven’t been here very long, but I went to dinner right after I landed, and this morning I went to the gym for a bit of incline walking plus some very much needed stretching.


Now I’m showered and back in bed on my computer blogging. I have a birthday lunch to attend in a bit and then a meeting afterwards.

Soo I guess I should probably get up and go get ready, even though I’m perfectly happy where I am. Have a lovely Monday!

this week // 08.08.14

Missed y’all on Wednesday!
It’s been a busy week and I could either have blogged or gone to a 6am Pilates class on Wednesday, so guess which one I chose? body bar studiosIt was a jump class (with a jump board), which I haven’t been to in forever.  My legs were definitely feelin it that day.

I didn’t exactly make a full grocery run this week (which I kind of regreted mid week) and have been piecing together meals. I should have just went and bought food on Sunday or Monday, but I was trying to get rid of everything in the fridge so my meals have been interesting to say the least. And not very visually appealing, so I apologize in advance.

Breakfasts have been either weetabix with almond milk and almond butter or an Evol egg & green chile burritos. Omg, those burritos are so good. I wish I could eat two of them every morning.


Lunch looked like it was literally scavenged from the fridge. Butter lettuce (hiding on the bottom), sprouted tofu, two boiled eggs, beets, marinated artichoke hearts, and imitation crab meat. I know it doesn’t sound that great, but it’s actually something I really liked. It’s basically a smorgasbord of some of my favorite things.

salad beets salad

Yesterday I finally ran out of the majority of those items, so then it became an almond butter and strawberry smoothie + broccoli and sprouted tofu.

almond butter strawberry smoothietofu and broccoli

I only cooked dinner once this week. Oops.
Most nights I didn’t get home until nearly 8 or after so the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Whole foods hot bar one night and Chipotle chicken burrito bowl two other nights. I can’t get enough Chipotle lately. Its so freaking good.

whole foods food bar

The one night I did actually cook dinner, I only made the broccoli. The other part of the meal was heated up. These Dr. Praegers Kale Veggie Burgers are probably my favorite veggie burgers ever.
dr praegers kale veggie burgerskale veggie burgers and broccoli They don’t exactly stay together, but the taste makes up for it. Each box comes with four and I could easily eat all four at one time. In fact I’ve come pretty close. Last week I ate three in a day.

I still eat the usual snacks throughout the day (a banana or bar). I did try one new thing, Tumeric Mineral Green Elixir. It certainly tasted…green. That’s about all I can say for it. I mean, it wasn’t a horrible green tasting drink (I’ve definitely had those before), but don’t go expecting something even remotely sweet if you drink this.


And I had this for dessert a few nights ago – Mint chocolate chip ice cream (my fave flavor). I wouldn’t typically have ice cream in the house, but my brother had bought it for me last week and when there is ice cream in the freezer, you must consume it. It’s a rule. Didn’t you know?mint chocolate chip ice creamSo that about sums up this lazy food week. Now, lets do this Friday thing.